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Alzheimer’s patients may be quiet and not too responsive at times, and that can be discouraging to caregivers who are responsible in helping to improve the patient’s life.  To help keep them stimulated both physically and mentally, there are many activities that can achieve these goals.  Since Alzheimer’s patients may not be as sophisticated cognitively, try to keep things simple when choosing the activity.  Research has also shown that music works great in helping Alzheimer’s patients remember things from the past.  Since mental stimulation is not enough, light workouts such as a walk around the block or yoga for seniors can help keep fit.  Finally, try turning every day activities into a fun games.  The most important thing is to be creative and gauge the response of patient.

Finding a compatible caregiver is difficult, but A-1 Home Care in Malibu makes the process easier by carefully screening and placing different caregivers to help clients around Los Angeles and Orange County.  Because we specialize in services like Alzheimer Care,  Diabetic Care, Parkinson Care, Kidney Disease Care, Incontinence Care, After Surgery Care, Brain Injury Care,  Cancer Care, Multiple Sclerosis Care Care, and other In Home Care for Elderly. Not only do we have caregivers working in Malibu, we also send them to places such as Santa Monica, Westwood, Marina Del Rey, Palos Verdes, Beverly Hills, Redondo Beach, Hollywood, Century City, Culver City, Burbank, Calabasas, Encino, and other cities around Los Angeles and Orange County.

To find the best caregiver for you and your loved ones, please call 310-657-8780, visit www.malibuinhomecare.com for more info, and find us on Facebook for updates!

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