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It is a difficult, emotionally challenging experience to learn that your loved one is diagnosed with a terminal illness and has but a few months left to live. Time seems to freeze and you may not know what to do or how you can offer support. Clearly, not everyone who is diagnosed with a terminal illness is ready to talk about their death. It is advised to introduce the subject gently and simply, for example by asking “How sick are you?” One can seek spiritual guidance, such as by speaking with a rabbi or religious counselor, and ask advice about hospice. A-1 Home Care can provide your loved one with affordable Hospice Care to make them feel as comfortable as possible, while providing them with a dignified and improved quality of life during their final months. Hospice Caregivers can assist with basic symptom control, household chores and guidance for end-of-life planning. A-1 Home Care proudly offers a variety of ethnically diverse, multi-cultural and multi-lingual caregivers for families with diverse backgrounds (Jewish, Middle Eastern, Asian, European, Hispanic). From Hourly In Home Care to 24 Hour Care and more, A-1 has options for everyone to ensure that their loved one will spend their days comfortably.

A-1 Home Care has been connecting clients with care givers since 1991, putting us at the top with the experience and success stories to prove. We proudly serve the communities of Malibu, Topanga, Agoura, Encino, Santa Monica, Calabasas as well as many others in the Los Angeles County and Orange County communities.

To learn more about our Hospice Care, please call us at (562)929-8400 or visit us online at www.malibuinhomecare.com.

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a-1 domestic hospital sittersDo you have a loved one who is currently being hospitalized? Consider hiring a certified nurse aide or home health aide to expedite your loved one’s exit from the hospital and maximize his or her recovery time. The University of Pennsylvania’s School of Nursing conducted a study that shows that best patient outcomes come from organizational support provided by home health agencies in a hospital. Due to Medicare cuts, nurses in hospitals experience work overload that takes them away from direct patient care to non-care responsibilities. This leaves numerous hospital patients unattended for extended periods of time. A-1 Home Care in Malibu teams up with Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center, Saint John’s Health Center, Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center, and other hospitals in surrounding areas to provide quality patient care in Los Angeles County.

Cut Out Unnecessary Expenses of Institutional Care

A-1 Home Care in Malibus hospital sitters, caregivers, companions, certified nurse aides, and home health aides provide patient care such as bathing, hygiene, toileting care, feeding assistance, patient re-positioning, and assistance with mobility. Working under the close supervision of a registered nurse on the hospital floor, a hospital sitter will follow your loved one’s patient care plan. All of A-1 Home Care’s certified nurses, hospital sitters, and home health aides are CPR-certified, experienced, and knowledgeable in infection control, prevention, patient safety, and medical record documentation. With extra care at the hospital, your loved one has a better and faster recovery rate upon returning home, thus reducing the chances of hospital readmission.

Diversity of A-1 Home Care’s Team

A-1 Home Care in Malibu draws from a culturally diverse pool of caregivers, companions, certified home health aides, hospital sitters, and certified nurse aides who are bilingual in English and Spanish, Tagalog, Chinese, Farsi, Khmer, and other languages. To better serve the needs of a cultural melting pot like Los Angeles County, A-1 Home Care in Malibu is committed to providing quality care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including major holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Day.

To hire a caregiver today, call A-1 Home Care (310) 657-8780 or visit us online www.malibuinhomecare.com to ask about patient care services in Malibu, Hidden Hills, Hollywood, Hermosa Beach, Pacific Palisades, Topanga, Beverly Hills, Fairfax, Manhattan Beach, and surrounding areas in Los Angeles County.


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As we age, our bones become more delicate and bodies become less resilient. Although it may not seem important initially, according to mayoclinic, the majority of injury causes in older persons are due to falls. Scheduling an appointment with your doctor to create a fall prevention plan may diminish the likelihood of facing future physical obstacles. Discussing certain medications and physical conditions with you doctor can contribute to preventing falls. Additionally, it is key to continually exercise and build strength, coordination, and flexibility. Other important tips include wearing comfortable shoes, clearing out your home for hazards, and making sure your home is properly lighted.

To maintain day-to-day tasks, A-1 Home Care in Malibu strives to provide skilled and certified workers to like Andrew H. and Delaila P. Apart from our elderly care service, we also provide cancer care, Parkinson care, and Dementia care. We proudly serve in the areas of Downey, Newport Beach, and San Marino.

For an free in-home assessment, please call (310) 657-8780 or visit malibuinhomecare.com for more information. Also, don’t forget to like us on facebook!

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We tend to slow down as we age, and daily routines might slowly become overwhelming to your aging loved ones.  There may be warning signs that your loved ones might need help at home from a caregiver.  The little things of opening a letter may seem like a little task, but if there is a pile of unopened letters, or they don’t have the personal hygiene as they once had, it may be the signs for help. Here are a few other warning signs from AgingCare.com that your parents might need help at home.

If there seems to be an abnormal amount of spoiled food in the fridge, and that your parents seem to be much more forgetful as of late, their health could be in danger from the food safety. If they are having difficulty standing up or walking, chances are much higher for them to have a fall.  Falls can be very dangerous for seniors and such warning signs should not be taken lightly.  Lastly, if the place your aging parents are living in are cluttered up more than usual and dirty, these could eventually become health hazard with falls and unwanted diseases.  Even though your parents might have these warning signs, these are simply warning signs. If there is enough support and care for them, these can be no need to worry.

A-1 Home Care in Malibu provide affordable and experienced caregivers to help our any needs of seniors.  We have home helpers, hourly in home care, arthritis care, Parkinson’s care, and others care for the elderly. Neighborhoods we cover includes Santa Monica, Huntington Beach, Pacific Palisades, Calabasas, and other cities around the Los Angeles County.

For any questions, please call us at 310-657-8780, or visit our website at www.malibuinhomecare.com for more information.

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